Digital Marketing Strategy + Consultation

Digital marketing is often known as online marketing, and is a method of promoting brands by using the internet and other types of digital communication to interact with potential clients. A full digital marketing strategy includes email, social media, and web-based advertising, as well as text and multimedia messages.

If you don’t currently have a marketing strategy in place for your company, you’re missing out on endless opportunities for business growth. Our digital world has witnessed a boom of firms shifting their marketing and selling efforts, many without considering traditional marketing efforts, during the last 10+ years. While a digital plan is crucial, a holistic marketing strategy with relevant market research is critical to build ‘brand-buzz’ that will assist in owning and nurturing your consumer base.

Buzz Marketing Services - Strategy

Research and Planning  (research, strategize, budget)

  1. Create (Design, Set Up, Build)
  2. Publish, Measure, and Reassess (Launch, Measure, Pivot)
  3. Expansion

 You’ll always be where your customers are with the right mix of market research, community and industry relationships, and an unified marketing and creative communication strategy, allowing you to strategize, plan, execute, and change for long-term success.

Social Media Management

Social media is a powerful aspect of every expanding business. Thanks to the power of the internet, it is also no longer an aspect of business that anyone can afford to ignore. The possibilities are infinite when your company is correctly marketed.

We can assist you in determining your social media objectives and developing a strategy that fits your company’s needs. Our social media services are full service and include the following elements:

Publishing: Post relevant material to numerous platforms for your business

Ad Management: Create sponsored adverts across your numerous platforms with ad management.

Brand Reputation: Develop a strong, favorable reputation for your firm online

Content Creation: Conduct research and develop original content about your company for numerous platforms.

Consulting: Let us assist you in growing your web business! We can devise a strategy for success.

Growth Strategy: We build a plan for you to see exponential growth with your internet presence.

We support our clients on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (Personal and Business), and YouTube

Remember…social media is a marathon not a sprint!

Web Design

From our headquarters we provide web development services, but that’s not all we do. To boost your visibility across digital media, our team adds extra solutions to our website design services including basic SEO.

The design of your website can entice potential customers and assist them in discovering, learning about, and engaging with your brand, products, and services. With inventive designs and functionality, our website design services will help you convey your mission and vision, boost sales, demonstrate thought leadership, and engage your audience.

Lead Generation + Search Engine Optimization

In order for a business to be successful they need to have a consistent pipeline of leads to promote to. At Buzz, we’ve taken our services to the next step by offering lead generation and SEO services. We want our clients to have a steady stream of leads to nurture through the sales process. 

SEO is another piece of lead generation that is often overlooked by businesses. This process involves taking ongoing action to support our clients websites and pieces of content to rank higher within the Google search engine. When your website content is optimized, the more likely your target market is to find you when searching for the solution you offer!

Graphic Design + Marketing Materials

Graphic design is a critical aspect of delivering your product or service’s underlying message. 

Charts, graphics, and reports are all ways for a skilled designer to present your services. Remember that your concern is not only profit-making. Instead, your aim is to develop a respected position for your brand in the market. Your motive is to highlight the passion, history, and drive behind the idea of your brand.

Here at Buzz, every line, pattern, shape, color, or layout contributes to the audience’s formation of specific feelings or emotions. Our experts will provide you with insight into how your business can create a compelling combination of pictures and text. Allowing your creative juices to flow and get inventive as we work together to create beautiful marketing materials to highlight your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy + Consultation

Social Media Management

Web Design

Lead Generation + Search Engine Optimization